Much like the ‘Jack in the Box’ itself, this story has a start which might surprise you. Sir John Schorne was a miracle worker in 14th century England and was regarded by many as a saint – even King Henry VIII went on a pilgrimage to visit Schorne’s shrine.

When his local village was infested by a devilish spirit, he used his powers to cast it into a box and kept it locked inside. Over 500 years later after being passed down generations, surviving wars and plagues, the box was discovered in London in 1888. This is the same year that Jack the Ripper sprung out of nowhere like a phantom and wreaked murderous mayhem on unsuspecting victims. When Schorne’s box was discovered near the scene of the first brutality, the police notes on it were blank except for one small detail – the box was open.

Now you know where Jack in the Box originates from. Jack the Clipper is the great grandson of the Ripper and has been working relentlessly to undo the nastiness of his name by using his inherited interest in blades for positive purposes. Our Pop-Up parlours of master grooming were set up by Jack to commemorate the legend of Sir John Schorne and his devil-binding box which was fatefully opened in 1888.

Did you know? The French version of the ‘Jack in the Box’ toy is called “diable en boîte” which literally means “Devil in a Box”.

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